Friday, August 12, 2011

...No Internet? Oh dear.

So... apparently I'm off on some wilderness adventure until next Thursday. I'm pretty sure this means no phone service or internet. It's going to be interesting, and by interesting, I mean I'll probably die. No big deal. And if I don't die, the mass of college e-mails, facebook notifications, and my increased Solitaire rank will surely crush my bones into a million pieces.

Okay, so I'm being a bit melodramatic. It actually sounds like a fun trip, because we are going with my cousins, and they are pretty cool. I've got my books and Gameboy SP and some summer homework (which isn't actually going to get done). Seems relaxing to just be outdoors and whatnot. I probably should have done more of that this summer anyway.

So yeah I wrote this to explain my future absence from blogging until Thursday. I know you will all miss these posts dearly. That's what I'm telling myself.

I'm kind of afraid to go fishing. Apparently we are going to go on one of the days, and it's my first time. Fish kind of creep me out in general, so I'm not too sure I want one flopping around an inch from my face. It's just.. fish are so... mehhhh. When I think about a fish touching my skin my shoulders instantly crawl up to my neck and my whole body experiences a spasm of twitchiness. They're just so... MEHHH. Gah, I need some better adjectives. Somebody get me a dictionary!

Ahem. Fish are adipose, lardy creations with macabre eyes that stare into the depths of your individuality.

Now, I don't necessarily hate fish. Many of my favorite things are shaped like the creatures, like GOLDFISHHHHHH and Sweedish fish (oh my gosh, yes). But real fish are nothing like these incredible shaped foods. Real fish don't taste like happiness and cheese. They taste like fish.

Not to be random or anything, but I think that Finding Nemo falsely portrays fish to children. Fish are not that adorable or friendly or talkative. I've never seen a fish talk. Have you ever seen a fish talk? No? I didn't think so. And if you're sitting there thinking, I'mma be an ass and say I have seen a fish talk just to be difficult, then I'd like you to take that talking fish, and shove it down your !@#0&!

What? I was just going to say your toilet...


  1. ...maybe I HAVE seen a talking fish. o.O maybe I'm just that tricky. Or the fish was? I guess it doesn't matter, as it's just a what if. On to the real commenting! I'm feeling list-y today. So! List!

    1) I LOVE SWEEDISH FISH! And goldfish... but mostly Swedish Fish.

    2)I actually like fish... to eat. But not when they are alive. They are just so... slimy. I must admit to having the same reaction as you.

    3) I do not like to think about my food being alive. Or talking. Thank you very much. I’m now pouting.

    4) No internet... how DID you survive... thank goodness for smart phones!

  2. Haha, I too try and stay away from eating living things.

    And I didn't get phone service while I was up there, either... We were too close to the Canadian border and they wouldn't let us use their phone service without paying more... and I'm cheap. So I didn't. xD