Monday, August 22, 2011

My Brother Disapproves

This here, is my brother.

He's three years younger than me, which makes him... A FRESHMAN! Oh, I miss those days. But not really.

Ever since I saw that episode of family guy where everybody shouts "FRESH MEAT" and beats up Chris, it's all I can ever think about when talking to, or about, freshmen. Here is the clip, for your viewing pleasure:

Ahem. So yeah. Nobody at my school actually does that, or beats up freshmen just for the hell of it... but it is just generally agreed upon that all freshman are lame and annoying. It doesn't matter who the kid is. If they are in ninth grade, then they are automatically not cool in the eyes of an upperclassman. 

I feel like as a senior, I just have automatic rights to being more awesome than a freshman. I've survived three more years of high school and lived. Freshman have no right thinking that they're better than me until they've been through the treacherous jungles of hallway, and the classrooms of hell, and the same fire-breathing teachers as I have. No right, you hear me!

Anyway, I don't have anything against specific freshmen. In fact, I'm friends with quite a few incoming ninth graders, and I think they're all awesome. I'm just saying that as a class, freshmen fail. It's not their fault, of course. It's the fault of the louder, more obnoxious freshmen that speak for their class. It's the short, whiny freshmen who stomp around in "high fashion" and act cooler than they are that ruin the image of the entire bunch.

When you're a senior and obnoxious, it's allowed. This is our last year here, so if I see some guys running down the hallway with painted faces shouting random things and failing at indoor parkour, it's completely understandable. When an annoying freshmen decides he wants to stand out and look like a total douche, he's compared to the cooler, older and more respected douche, and thus is marked down as lame. Therefore he marks the freshmen population as lame as well.

Coming off of this tangent... I wrote this post because my brother recently discovered that I was writing a blog, and apparently, he disapproves. He thinks it's creepy letting people I don't know read about my life and thoughts. To this, I kind of have to laugh. Or chuckle. To be honest, I don't really care whether I know my readers or not. In my life, I want to reach out to as many people as I can. That's what life is about, isn't it? Making an impact? So what if the only impact I'm making right now is by writing about random things in my life. An impact is an impact, and I'm enjoying myself. 

Blogging despite his disapproval is kind of fun on its own. I feel like I'm Juliet, and this blogging community is my Romeo- all about defying the rules of my family. I've openly told him that I don't give a crap that he thinks it's weird... so I guess it is a bit different... but that's okay. If my relationship with this blog paralleled exactly to the story of Romeo and Juliet, I think I'd have some bigger problems to worry about. 


  1. Haha, im loving the pictures :) I remember being a freshman, and it was exactly the same at my school, however, i did have a lot of upper classman that i was friends with, but to be friends with them, you had to be pretty badass.... ;)

  2. THANK YOU! Someone understands that it's erfectly acceptable for seniors to do whatever they want. Our senior class last year was insane. One kid walked in late and when the teacher asked him why he had to right to be late he just said "Senior." and sat down. I'm excited for it to be my turn this year =)

  3. LOL...You're Juliet and we're all Romeo? Really? Ha ha. You always make me laugh so no hate.

  4. Ha I really love the story and the pictures. I always pick on the Freshman. It's a great high school past time.

    Great blog, it's really funny. You can tell your brother that, unlike him, I really like your blog :)

  5. Hahaha this blog is great. i can't wait for this coming year as a senior. its gonna be so much fun

  6. More listing.

    1) Your brother... wrong. Every writer that has ever published (or written) anything has been letting readers into their life to some extent. What we write is based on our life experiences. So your brother is over ruled.

    2) We use to call the freshmen fresh meat. Yes, they actually got called that. And made fun of. I even had a friend freshman year that had batteries thrown at him for being a freshman. Now, before you start freaking out and think we were abusing the fresh meat, know it was a love hate relationship and was all in good fun. In reality, the school actually had a really cool (informal) brother/sister program. An upper classmen would "adopt" a freshman. They helped them around the school, kept them in line. Someone was acting like a freshman? They would get asked who their upper classmen was and then something would be said. Then the upper classmen would pull the freshman aside and explain why they couldn't do what they did. It kept the peace.

    3) The second high school I went to, we called the freshman frosh... not nearly so cool.

    4) Seniors rule the school for a reason. As someone who has family in ever grade in high school, and so in theory should stick up for the under classmen... no. Just, no. Seniors rule.

    5) I feel like this was a blog post in and of itself. :P