Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rain is Cold

Have you ever felt the urge to run out and dance in the rain? It's a fairly resistable urge, much to the surprise of many song writers and poets. Most people ignore it completely, taking to simply imagining the romantic moment while flipping through channels on the tv. But really. Is there a person out there who hasn't wanted to just jump in a puddle, release that inner tigress and pounce? Rain is the most natural thing on this planet. Though few actually take the time to understand it, we accept it. Nobody tries to change the rain. Sure, little kids sing their songs because they want to go out and play ball, but what are they really going to do about it?

You can tell a lot about people by how they react to a rainstorm. Some huddle together in bunches, watching movies and taking comfort in the contrast between their warm sofas and the chilly pellets that bombard the streets. Others pretend that rain doesn't effect them. They whip out umbrellas and squeaky boots, prepared to fight the forces against them. Then, there are the adventurers. The ones whose lips twitch into a smile the instant they feel that first drop on their forehead. The rain does not hit them like an agressive attack. No, it melts into their skin, morphing into the body that welcomes it. Sometimes those people annoy me. I stare at the puddle twirling girls, laughing like they have it all in that one moment. When I stare out my windows at them, I hate everything. What could be so happy about such a moment? Surely their enjoyment is simply a means to make others feel bad about their own lives, and to make them feel like they aren't outgoing enough to jump into a rainstorm. But then... other times I'm one of those people. I grin secretly to myself, taking those extra short steps so that the walk to my house without an umbrella can extend by just the smallest margin. It's like nobody else matters. How can they intrude upon that moment? When a curtain of rain separates me from the rest of the world. I know I'm being cheasy right now, but that's alright. Sometimes you just feel like your joints have been clogged up by that cheese in a can stuff and you have to write it down somewhere. So bare with me.

Yesterday I had one of those moments in the rain. Instead of just walking to where I was meant to go, I pointed my umbrella to the ground and just... walked. And you know what I realized? Rain is cold. No matter how warm your embraces may be in a passionate rainy movie scene, or how fast you spin, or how hard you jump into that puddle, rain is cold. If you accept it into your body, it slinks its way through your system, meandering along goosebumps and arm hairs. By the time I got back, I was freezing. So was it worth it? Was shivering alone on a dim sidewalk for no other reason than just to feel something.... was it worth it?


  1. I would say no. Not to stereotype but most teenage girl bloggers that I know of are not the kind without allergies. Many a time I see these girls constantly blowing their nose and just being generally miserable. Since you were out in the cold rain you probably received a cold; therefore, causing symptoms similar to spring time allergies. Which leads me to believe that, no walking in the rain was not worth it because consequently you were forced to endure the most dreaded symptoms of an uncomfortable nose.

  2. Haha, I've never actually gotten a cold from being in the rain. Then again I don't stay out for longer then ten minutes at most... I'll take your words into consideration when planning my next rain adventure.

  3. Love... again. Several things.

    1) Rain is not always cold. This is a fact of life. if you have ever been in the south, you would know that there is nothing better than a warm spring rain. It smells fresh and comforting. Every bad thing washes away. After a while it wil turn cold, but that first half hour of rain... perfection. This, of course, leads me to believe that you do NOT live in the south.

    2) When I was little, we used to love when it rained. It was the one time you could get my family to go outside and play together (I grew up with younger cousins). There is nothing that brings people together like rain.

    3) I LOVE your blog... and I only just started! Ah!

  4. Haha, no I'm from the northeast, where the rain is almost always freezing. Well, at least the times I stood out there for a while it was. I also love the first couple of minutes of a rainstorm, especially if I were previously doing some kind of exercise (lol exercise) or just roasting in the heat.

    And thank you! :3