Monday, August 5, 2013

Q&A Video

Here's a nice little present to those of you who are still lurking. Basically the premise behind this video is that I got bored and decided to make a video diary one day. It ended up being half an hour long, so I took bits and pieces out of context and added questions that may or may not make any sense. This may be taken down soon as I slowly realize how awful it is and no longer want to embarrass myself on the internet. 

*When I say "you smell," I am referring to myself... not the Chinese. Just to clear that up.
**There was no music playing for the dance sequences. They just kind of happened.

FFM HIghlights 2

I did it!! Despite my horrible promise-keeping track record, I somehow managed to complete every single day of flash fiction month. It was rewarding, but also tiring. Here are a few other stories that I think were alright.

“I won’t go higher than two. Final offer.”

“I’ve gotten four for much lower quality.”

“Four?! You’ve got to be kidding. You have any idea how long these take to make?”

Chris peered at the man over his glasses.

“Yes. It’s common knowledge.”

Joseph huffed, crossing his arms.

“Three. I won’t go higher than three.”

Sighing, Chris picked up his clipboard.

“Fine. Leave them on the counter. We’ll have the couch delivered by the end of the week.”

Somewhat satisfied, Joseph bent down and picked up a small child, placing him on the counter. He repeated the action twice more, placing in front of him a little girl and a baby, hardly a month old.

“Pleasure doing business with you.”

A Thoughtful Girl

She was a thoughtful girl. Quiet and small, she barely took up a corner. Sitting silently in the park? Well, she was just another leaf. Insignificant. Harmless. The dogs paid her no mind and the people saw only the trees. But there was a boy. Standing, staring, his x-ray vision out of focus. Who was she, he asked her. What an odd boy, she thought. To corrupt a silence so pure. A thought so solitary. Was she waiting for somebody, he wondered aloud. For a moment she was still. Yes, she answered. She was waiting. Well have a nice day. He left. She was waiting. A man was meant to meet her. The quiet, quiet girl. She could see him coming from far away when she wanted to. When she thought about it. Through the creek, he dragged his soggy boots. You afraid of a little water, he asked. So she stood, but then sat back down. A thoughtful girl. She willed him forward. How’ve you been, dad, she asked as he sat beside her. He had her waiting a long time, but that was her own fault. She was a thoughtful girl, but sometimes it was easier to forget him.

The World of the Extraordinary

If you can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. If you can’t hear it, then it’s not real. There are those who can see, whose ears are tuned beyond normal human measure. They see a grinning demon in the curtains, a vast desert in the carpet, a thriving underwater ecosystem in the vase. The coma patient speaks, the baby reads minds, the cat watches through the eyes of a deceased grandfather.

The world of the extraordinary exists… it just hides from those who do not wish it to.