Friday, January 6, 2012

Procrastination- You're Doing it Right

"Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week"
~Spanish Proverb

This is true. No matter how little work I actually have assigned throughout the week, I still manage to congest the day before a deadline with way to much to do.

Take this week for example. I had to read and take notes on a book, which is a relatively simple task. If I had spread it out over the allotted time, it probably would have only taken me about half an hour a day. Instead, I did it all last night, this morning, and during lunch. 

I'm not really sure how it happened... but it may have gone something like this:

Procrastination is unavoidable. The sudden stress of having too little time to get something done makes those things get done ten times faster than if you had all day to do it. Not only that, but there's a bit of pride involved in procrastination. I know it's a bit twisted to think like this... but who's going to go around bragging to their friends that they worked on their ten page paper everyday for thirty minutes for a month? No, the real hot shots are the kids who walk into class the period before it's due with blurry eyes and a smug expression. They're the ones who get applauded as valiant homework warriors with the will power to pull an all-nighter.

Sure, the person who finishes their project last minute will most likely complete something remarkably crappier than the other kid's, but by that point it doesn't even matter. You're so hyped up over the fact that you finished and no longer have to worry about beating the clock that the actual quality no longer carries any importance whatsoever.

Anyway. I'm sure by now you readers are no strangers to procrastination, so I'm not here to lecture you about it. I just wanted share with you my after-completion face:

This portrait was not intended to be dirty in any way... so stop it. >:C

In other news, here are pictures of my two classy cats. Thank you, April, for the supply of mustache. 


  1. There's a certain genius I know *coughMEcough* who procrastinates all the time.

    Clearly, this means that you are a genius, too.

    *fistbump of slacker solidarity*

  2. BTW- I had a cat that looked just like yours. His name was Cleophis. He was gangsta.

  3. Hahaha I can't say I've ever used the terms freakniption or bubbleguts, but they both work extraordinarily well for describing the feelings that come with procrastination!

    Cleophis is a fantastic name for a cat. It's exotic, yet classy.

    Cats clearly should develop mustaches.

  5. this is all completely and utterly true!

  6. Had I known that cats would be the bearers of such magnificence, I would have stuffed them with catnip.

  7. FISHIE, howdareyouprocrastinate.
    Also, idea, MUSTACHE-CEPTION.
    Multiple mustaches on dexter. Should happen.

  8. I love spamming. Now I see why spammers do this.

  9. Also, I love it when you draw dirty for me. ;)

  10. APRIL!!! My cats were interested in eating that mustache as is. Catnip unnecessary.

    I'll make a finger sized mustache and put it on your fantastic mustache and put that on Dexter's mustache. It's going to happen.

  11. Haha, I can just make bigger mustaches. I still have probably 10 oz of stuffing and a bit of black material. xD
    Quest for the summer I guess.

  12. Haha- That's awesome. I love the look your kitty on the left is giving me. It's almost the whole I'm boss look.

  13. I know what you mean about the homework warriors! i love it when people compare the stories of how they finished it at 3 in the morning or the class before [=

    On another note, I started a blog so I am here to promote myself most shamelessly. Couldja check it out please? =3

    You rock locks [= (that statement means nothing by the way. just needed something to put after 'rock') [=

  14. Keren!! Of course I'll check it out! :DD

  15. I find that procrastination is inevitable because the motivation required to complete the assignment never arrises until the last minute. Besides, like you had said,it makes matters interesting.

  16. The real danger is in putting something off just BARELY too late... so you end up working on it frantically for hours, but to no avail. :'(

    1. Sadly, I've also done that. Not my happiest moment xP