Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Last Day of Break

Well. This is it. The last day of break.

There is no way I'm going to have enough time to post as often as I have over the past few days, but I'll still post every Friday and maybe more, like I did before.

Ehhhhhh. You should see my face right now. Oh wait. Here. It looks like this:

The last day of break is impossibly depressing. It's the day when I look back at all that I've done this week and think, wow. I'm a lazy-ass bum. Come, look with me.

Bed fortresses construct themselves. No effort required.

I seriously did nothing else.

It's supposed to be a drawing of my car. Don't judge. I forget what I did in my car... but I went somewhere. At least... I think I did.

Ten minutes of editing essays and then clicking submit to my final college app... Ten hours of watching heart warming movies as I congratulated myself on being done.

The lost day. I have absolutely no recollection of what went down. I didn't drink or anything... I just honestly can't remember this day ever existing.

I am the Shakira of Just Dance 3. It's some serious shit.

This is when I realize I need to finish homework assigned for someone with a week's worth of time in one day.

Happy new year.


  1. I can so relate this post :( school blowsss

  2. Dude, the exact same thing happened to me on Friday. I mean, it's like it did not exist. I have no idea what occurred on Friday at all. Hm.


  3. You have my sympathy. And you just reminded me that I have a few things to do for AP Macro...