Monday, May 27, 2013

I Will Fail This Goal But I'll Try

I've made an executive decision to give up Facebook for the week. This will probably last about as long as my promises to write consistant blog posts.

Facebook is making me upset. It's not the layout or the features or anything, but the people. I miss my friends from college, and I'm way too lazy to reconnect with all of my buds from high school. Well, too lazy to reconnect with the ones who forget to invite me to reunion-y activities. So where does this leave me? At home. On Facebook. Living vicariously through the social gatherings of other people.

There is a constant tsunami of cutesy summer-esc photos swallowing my newsfeed and pulling it into the depths of Poseidon's domain. Sure, I'm posting pictures of my own adventures. I'm hanging with my best friends from home and enjoying the break. That doesn't make me any less upset.

Why should I be forced to page through someone else's summer vacation photos and see all the cool stuff I've never done? Half these photos don't even belong to people I care about. Yeah, so my friend from a summer program I went to two years ago had a blast in Hawaii. Good for her. Oh, and then I get to the photos of my good friends. These photos are more interesting, but upset me even more because I'm not with them for the photos and I miss their faces. Well... I see their faces... but I miss being included in the fun times.

So I'm not going to go on Facebook this week. I'm going to concentrate on having fun with the people who I'm with, rather than sulking over missing adventures with those who I'm not with. This will also probably free up a considerable amount of time that I could use doing other things, like crafts and biking.

Haha, the outside.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

How to Effectively Destroy Your Ambitions

Step 1: Apply adhesive to body and face. Lay on bed. Stay.

Step 2: Do not change clothing. Ever.

Step 3: When your body requires the release of fluid and the intake of sustenance, remain hunched and squinty-eyed as you venture from your room.

Step 4: Keep all electrical necessities (aka computer, ipod, phone, etc.) plugged in and near said bed.

Step 5: Never open the curtains. Just don't. Sunlight is toxic and unfriendly and gross.

Step 6: Avoid talking to friends, acquaintances, and family members if possible. They will only remind you that ambitions exist and that you do not have them.