Monday, August 1, 2011

Matthew Azrieli- My Canadian Musician Friend

SO. It's official. I've made a friend who I'm positive is going to be famous one day. I mean, truthfully I have no doubts that all my friends are going to be super rich and famous in the future... but this kid will probably reach that status before age 73. Which is when I plan on peaking. So naturally my friends will reach their ultimate status at that age too... because it makes sense.

Anyway, I've created this post to pretty much shamelessly advertise his music. Now all six of you loyal, beautiful followers will be forced to click on this link... or to just look at it and wonder for endless hours who this mysterious, soon to be famous Matthew Azrieli is. I bet you are trying to make up a song in your head right now that could possibly belong to this musician. It could possibly have to do with love, a dragon, or maybe even the apocalypse. It could be anything.

A breif overview of my opinions about Matthew's music goes as follows: I think it's incredible.

You want a bit more info? Aight, fine. He's extremely talented when it comes to playing the guitar and has a deep but soothing singing voice. I listen to a wide variety of music depending on what mood I'm in, and his style is definitely something I'd turn to if I'm just sitting on a park bench feeling light and airy on the inside. It gives me sort of a swaying back and forth feeling, like I should be swishing my feet over the side of a wall.

So yeah. I feel special. I just know that when people like Matthew and all of my fantastically talented friends do something incredible with their lives, they will look back at the blog posts I wrote about them when they were just starting out, and they'll be like, wow. I need to get this goldfish chick a motorcycle.

Once again, here is Matthew Azrieli.


  1. lol! Ah! I love his music too. I actually forced my roommate to get his demo stuff for me because they were in the same class.

    Now I know you're probably wondering who this is. But I'm not going to tell you. Mwah ha ha ha. I could just be a creeper but you'll never know will you...mon

    NOW if you don't know who I am then you just should not be blogging.

    (Yes I'm writing a lot...I'll finish soon)

    So. Yeah. Matthew Azrieli rocks.

  2. HAHAHAHA. Seeing this comment made my entire day. You have no idea. I need a better way of keeping in touch with you, you no-Facebooker.

    You should e-mail me.

    But yes, he does rock. >:D

  3. wait was that Keren? lol