Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Vlogger's Testimony To Tickling

I am once again ultra excited. This tends to happen a lot, usually at the mention of cool socks, X-men, Mario, or the Hunger Games. But this time, I have been shot into a whirlwind of excitement by my good friend, April!

You see, April is a vlogger, and in one of her more recent vlogs she comments on my tickle fight post. Now, let me just say a few things about April before I begin ranting. She is an incredibly awesome person. Her vlogs are as refreshing as the first sip of watery looking liquid from a cactus after a being abandoned without supplies for a week on the moon. Her opinions are honest and profound, and she's just an awesome spunky person in every way. Except for weight lifting. Because I'm pretty sure she would be squashed just as easily as I would in an arm wrestle against Arnold Schwarzenegger. And yes, I looked up how to spell that. BUT IN EVERYTHING ELSE SHE IS SPECTACULAR.

Anyway, my good friend April has posted a testimonial to my tickling is not flirtatious post. She had been victimized countless times by ticklers, and I have witnessed the very crimes committed against her myself. April, I would like to apologize for not intervening. But, you must know, I have little bodily power over the antagonistic ticklers in our lives. My power lies in frowning angrily at people and shaking my head like a disappointed grandmother. Granny disapproves of these boys and their disregard for the delicacy of women.

Now, now. April and I are far from the stereotypes of flower-like women with too many feelings and not enough intelligence. In no way do I admit that men are superior to women with the comments on this blog. I simply acknowledge the clear physical difference between the two genders, and the need to be aware when dealing with sensitive people.

As for the tickling dilemma which has brought April and I into collaboration, instead of reiterating the problem, I would like to quote April. "You do not want to be remembered as 'that nice guy who actually tried to grope me.'" Seriously. If you so desire to get that close to a girl, ask her out. Give her a hug. Or just keep your hands to yo damn self. Keep on vlogging, April!

Link to April's page is here.

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