Friday, August 19, 2011


My dear followers, I have a confession to make. I have Loremipsumophobia. Yes, I know it sounds made up. It is made up. But what isn't a carefully constructed google latin translated word are the symptoms of Loremipsumophobia, which are VERY real.

Loremipsumophobia is the fear of video chatting, or "skyping."

I created this new phobia using a combination of the latin words for "computer" and "talk" plus "phobia," because believe it or not there are no words for "videochat" or "internet" in latin. Who knew.

Anyway, I figured I had to create some sort of illness to explain my weird fear of talking and seeing someone else's face through a computer screen. Is it weird that I want to curl into a ball at the mention of a "skype party?" Should I be concerned?

Truthfully I'm a little worried. It seems like everyone around me is skyping and chatting and living their lives through video and such, but... I don't know. I just keep shying away from video chat offers and invitations, instead choosing to chat through typing and making lame excuses. But I just can't understand what I don't like about video chatting.

I think it's the fact that you have to think of something to say. It's like, you call someone up on skype, and everyone is just like, oh hey, and then you go through the usual small talk... and then what? You sit. You comment on the room they're in. And then you leave, unsure of why you even called them in the first place. Sure, that's exactly what chatting someone on facebook is, but at least you don't have to completely focus on a person. I happen to do twenty things simultaneously as I chat people. Like now. I'm chatting a friend, blogging, looking up interesting phobias (did you know that Dinophobia is the fear of dizziness of whirlpools), eating cookies, aplplying my fifth layer of itch-X, itching, watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia online, listening to music, reading JRose's blarg, blowing my nose, dreaming of becoming a magician, petting my cat, brushing cat hair off of my belongings, clicking a pen, talking on the phone, yelling at my brother, counting my freckles, reading Song of Solomon, trying to draw a unicorn on paint, typing in different words on google translate, and ordering more virtual gang robes for my most recent followers. IF THAT ISN'T MULTI-TASKING THEN I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

Anyway. When I video-chat I can't really multi-task, so maybe I'm afraid that I'll loose that precious time that I could have been spending doing all of those twenty things.

Now, I'm not "anti-social" or anything, in case you decided to judge me based off of my Loremipsumophobia. Hell, I love talking to people. People are interesting. But if I'm going to have an actual conversation with someone face to face, I want to be in the same room as them. That way when I'm talking I know that I'm not completely distracted, they're not distracted (hopefully), and they don't secretly want to be doing something else on the vast expanse of the internet. Okay, so yeah somebody could secretly want to not talk to me while standing right in front of me, but... yeah. I don't really have an argument for that one. 

Loremipsumophobia is something that should be taken very seriously. I'm currently attempting to get over this condition, but it's difficult. I think I'll just take baby steps for right now.

Well, um... for your enjoyment I've included a bit of my multi-tasking creation. I think I may go back and add pictures to a lot of my posts if I have time. Pictures make things more fun, and my favorite blogs all have pictures in them to make me actually want to read them... we'll see how drawing with paint/gimp works out.


  1. OMG, I have a complete phobia of all things video chat. It creeps me out that someone can see me on the other end, watching me. I tried it once, but refused to show my face. It was horrible! I love that you came up with a name for it. Im gonna have to start using it LOL...
    Anywhos, awesome blog!
    Feel free to check mine out and follow :) I'll do the same.

  2. It's not weird. I always make up lame, stupid excuses for not video chatting, especially with guys. Because there's skyping, then there's SKYPING. *shudder*

    Just know you're not alone in your loremipsumophobia

  3. I don't think you're alone. Well, maybe considering it a phobia is a bit much lol. I also feel uncomfortable when asked to video chat with people I don't know.

  4. Oh wow. I thought I was completely alone in this... Is it... wrong that I feel a sort of overwhelming joy that others suffer similarly? O.O

    Haha, I think it just makes me feel more comfortable thinking I've got some kind of serious phobia instead of an odd reluctance to video chat, even if it is made up. I told a couple people who asked me to video chat that video chatting made me nervous, and I got some really weird looks. I don't know, I guess some people just don't understand me like people on the internet do :D

  5. I kind of feel the same too! Once I accidentally clicked "video chat" instead of just calling them over skype.. my face appeared on the chat window and I was like WHAT?! .. if the screen froze whilst clicking X, I would probably have ran away :P
    Your blog is a good read, keep it up! *clicks follow

  6. whenever one of my friends mentions video chatting I start to shake by the thought of it. I am usually an out going person who has a natural humor but video chatting scares me.