Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Men. We don't know what we did.

This post is brought to you by yet another family guy clip. This one had me laughing for a solid three minutes. The laughter was followed by sporadic chuckling and random smiling throughout the day, which no doubt confused many people sitting nearby who had not had the same comedic experience. Don't you just love those moments, when you are sitting next to someone you barely know and suddenly remember something hilarious, and that little creeper smile just slides on to your face and makes you feel like an idiot, but you can't stop? I make so many friends that way... but not really. Enjoy:

After watching this for the twenty-third time I still find it hilarious, partly because it is just so true. Well, I mean not completely true in the literal sense that girls actually jump out of windows for stupid reasons, but in the general, yeah they get super upset for odd reasons sense. If that is a sense. IM GOING TO MAKE IT ONE.

Ahem. Despite the fact that I'm not a guy, I feel like I can sympathize with them. I mean, I care about girl things, like looking presentable and crossing my legs when wearing a skirt, but I'm not girly. I don't revolve my entire life around a guy I like (just a large chunk of it) and I don't spend hours over-analyzing a small encounter (just about twenty minutes).

I guess sometimes guys don't really realize what they are saying can be taken in about a thousand and two different ways, but it's not really their fault... most of the time. Truthfully I think guys are just as lost as us girls in the world of romance, they are just expected to magically know everything. Sure, I wish they did magically know everything they needed to, but that's just not how it is, and I get that. I mean, I wouldn't want a bunch of fish coming up to me telling me to hold my breath for two hours because I should know how since I'm technically supposed to be a goldfish. I'd probably have to practice holding my breath for longer and longer each day until finally my lungs just failed and died.

Yes I'm extremely lazy. Don't judge me.

Now I realize that metaphor is stretching things a bit and probably doesn't even make sense, but guys are like me as a fish. They need guidance and practice, yet they'll still probably fail in the end. It's just up to the other fish in the sea to accept this as reality and be happy with a guy only holding his breath for an hour, which is still an incredible feat, even if it isn't magical.

I'm sorry ladies, not all guys can be magical. Not all guys can be the Old Spice Man. Because he is perfect.

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