Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Facebook Pictures

This post was inspired by Rainbows and Unicorns. I saw your post and thought I'd add my own two cents.

Recently I've been seeing a lot of people making fun of guy/girl profile pictures on facebook. It's pretty funny. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just check out the pics below. I've modified them to protect the identities of the people who have already posted their faces all over the internet. They probably don't care either way. You can find the originals online quite easily.


I do not own the original photos, nor do I have any idea who those people are. 

These pictures make me laugh because they're so true. Somebody I know has done at least one of these without the intention of mocking somebody who has done it. I can't say I haven't done an extension of one of those poses when encouraged by others. Let's just say my phone's camera isn't nearly high tech enough to take pictures of myself that don't make me look like a giant blob mess. 

I'm not going to hate on people with pictures like these. Sure they look a bit ridiculous, but hey. Post whatever pictures you damn want to. Just realize that people are going to judge you. If you want people to think you think you're a gangster, act like a gangster. When it's completely obvious you aren't actually a gangster, putting up a "badass" profile pic isn't going to change the facts. So you're just telling people you're a poser. If that's what you're going for as a funny contrast to who you actually are, then go for it. If you are actually a poser who really does think of himself (or herself) as gangster... then I'm sorry. And girls. If you post a slutty picture... well that's what people are going to think you are. It's your choice. Do what you want. 

Also, I feel like this whole picture mocking business could be taken to the next level... so I'm going to do just that. SO PREPARE YOURSELVES... FOR THE GROUP SHOTS. Just a small note before you go on to read these... I'm pretty much making fun of my own group shots when I draw these. So don't take any offense. I jest. 

The Sunsetters

The Masters of Levitation

The Duckface Mockers

Our Legs Look Like a Star


That is all. 


  1. Yay, i love being inspirational! and i absolutely love your take on this, its so cool to see someone put their personal spin on something :-) great post!

    1. Haha, thanks! I read your post and thought... I really just want to draw all over their faces. xD

  2. funny pics mice blog...

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