Saturday, September 3, 2011

JRose photo hunt!!!

Hey everyone! So one of my favorite blogs, "I'd like cheese on my entire family!" posted a photo hunt, and I became inspired to take some magical photos. Unfortunately I'm a very lazy person and did not complete the list, but I shall continue adding photos I get onto this post until I have completed it... eventually. To prove that I took these photos and didn't just get them online, I used a bag of goldfish as my mascot. LESDOTHIS.

Here's the list:

1. A cat in a window

No cats were harmed in the taking of this picture. Maybe confused... but not harmed.

2. Bare feet in grass
My feet look kind of gross here... but I hope this proves that I'm actually a living human being with feet.

3. Bacon

4. A squeaker

5. 3 people holding cards
This one was just plain fun to set up. Unfortunately it proves that I have no friends. 

6. Cheese on an entire family

7. Someone wearing a hat

Do not pass GO! Do not collect 200 dollars! -Ace Ventura 

8. A bird, not in a tree

I'M A BIRD, I'M A BIRD, I'M A BIRD. -Hyperbole and a Half

9. The color red, only the color red

Guess what is is. 

10. You holding a sign referring to Da Cheeseblarg

11. The cutest chocolate you can find
This is what I discover when scavenging in the basement. 

12. Velcro

13. An upside down book

Percy Jackson!!!! Who knew goldfish could read upside down?

14. Something I write about all the time but have not put in the list

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, OH. Harry Potter, Harry potter, YEAH. 

15. Ice cream

These are actually scented bubbles... SO TAKE THAT.

16. A chance

This made me think of ABBA. "If you change your mind... I'm the first in line..."

17. Something nerdy

Yes, I made my own Snorlax beanbag chair. You've got nothing.

18. A yellow flower

Goldfish camouflage.

19. A crack in a sidewalk

I bet you weren't expecting that one.

20. The inside of a grocery store

21. A person wearing a barrette

So for some reason I read this as "baret," and I like my picture too much to change it. 

22. A scavenger
Oh God I feel racist... or something. I blame lack of creativity.

The rest shall come eventually. I promise. Maybe.

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