Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Am a Hunchback Mountain Troll

Well... I could start off this post by apologizing for my blogging hiatus... but I won't. Honestly this past week I've just felt like a giant hunchback mountain troll with overgrown fingernails, and writing a blog was not the first thing on my mind. We had our second week of school, which technically was only three days. It was supposed to be four, but apparently it rained too hard on Thursday and we had a... a rain day. Definitely a first.

I found it was almost scary how quickly I went from re-adjusting to my school schedule to gluing myself to the couch just because we had an extra day off. Even now, on Saturday night, I feel completely out of whack. Has school actually begun? Don't I have college essays to write? Isn't there something on t.v. now? Or food to eat? Is this really what my life has come to? Harvesting oreos, goldfish, and K-bars in my room and lying down for hours at a time, fully conscious but without any motivation to stand up?

If I actually were a mountain troll I would be more productive than I am now. I would be climbing intense cliffs to find sustenance, and sewing my own loincloths, and making my own bear carpets. Or mountain goat carpets... because I'm not sure what kind of bear lives in the mountains. If I were a mountain troll I would get fresh air and less headaches and I wouldn't have to cut my goddamn toenails.

HSH: Home Sweet Home

I'll come up with something better to write next time, I promise. I've been writing ideas down and such, but I just wanted to get a post out here to hopefully get myself back into the flow of things before I forget.

In all honesty I blame the looming terror of allergy season. Already it has begun to affect me in the mornings, making my nose run and glow like the flickering brake lights of my car. Allergies suck. Even when I don't feel like sleeping, my eyes start to feel extremely heavy, like nothing would make me happier than to seal them shut with super glue. But it's always when I have things to do... which is all the time.

Gah. I'm going to stop typing now. I've no doubt disappointed many of you, and for that, I fiddle with the edges of my loincloth in shame.

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  1. I know the feeling...I've just never described it as me being a hunchback mountain troll. [=