Monday, December 26, 2011

Free Art- Attempt #2

I really need to start writing these posts earlier in the day...

You see, now that it's the third day of my break, my schedule of doing things has come to a complete standstill. Time no longer exists. I feel like a free-floating particle in a sea of never-ending nap-time.

I need to start getting my priorities straight. That means actually finishing my last college application and taking the time to write better posts. There can be no more waking up at twelve, eating a box of Oreos, and then drifting off to sleep after reading two pages of The Hot Zone. I don't even know where all this sleep is coming from. It's like my body feels the need to hoard as much sleep as it possibly can to make up for the days when I was starved of it, and even after I've caught up it just can't get enough.

So, starting tomorrow I will be better. I will wake up and work on applications. Then when I want a break, I will draw art for my lovely followers.

Simply post a comment with your request, and I will add it to this post as soon as I finish it.

Here is request #1, coming from the person sitting next to me as I type: my cousin (and creeper brother)

Request #2: This one is for you, Arjun <3

This is as cool as they come.

Request #3: For Schooney :D


  1. Draw a cool guitarist for me.

    Would you like to do a guest blog on my blog?

  2. Sure! What kind of post? I know you do art and poems, but I'm not sure if my art is as qualified to earn the same respect as yours xD

    I could try and draw a pretty realistic looking dragon if you want. Or a zombie. I do pretty good zombies. ;D

  3. I think you should draw yourself as the main character from A Clockwork Orange. I think you'd look pretty badass in a getup like that ;)

  4. I've never seen (read?) it, but I will try my best! Lol.

  5. Awesome guitarist! That's super cool

    You do a post that is natural to you, the kind that you always do in your blog.

    And I can do a guest blog on yours that day.

  6. Do you have an e-mail, so we can organize this thing there? :P