Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Art Interpretation- Starry Night

For tonight's post, I have decided to do an art interpretation of a fairly common painting. I have no idea what direction this is going to go in... but that's just a part of what makes this whole experience interesting.

Tonight's subject of interpretation is Van Gogh's Starry Night.

*In no way do I claim rights to this painting or dare to suggest a part in its creation

I think that the best way to go about this whole interpretive business would be to fabricate a story in which I, a citizen of this little painted town, go through an adventure that involves a rather startlingly starry night.

And here begins the tale of Goldfish Under a Starry Night.

There once was a young girl named Goldfish, although most of the hip and fresh people in the street called her G-fish because they were just cool like that. Now, I think I need to point out that G-fish wasn't just an ordinary young girl. No. She was beautiful. With hair that shone in the sun and eyes that sparkled like the stars, she melted hearts wherever she went.

G-fish was so beautiful that every lad in town wanted to hold her hand. They came at her in swarms, and she just didn't know what to do. Distressed by her situation, G-fish fled town in the middle of the night with only a pillowcase filled with her favorite plushies and X-MEN ACTION FIGURES (not dolls).

As G-fish was running, she couldn't help but look up at the sky in wonder.
"Wow!" She commented to herself, as talking to herself was simply one of her many odd habits. "Would you look at the stars, Wolverine? Don't they just look absolutely... starry tonight?" Wolverine was quiet in the pillowcase because he couldn't see the stars through the fabric. Also he was an action figure, and action figures generally don't talk.

G-fish's fatal mistake was her fixation on the stars. Although they were mysteriously swirlier than usual and quite a sight to behold, she really should have been paying more attention to where she was stepping. Suddenly, and without warning, a giant beanstalk appeared in the middle of the road! Since she wasn't looking where she was going, G-fish ran right into the beanstalk, breaking her perfectly constructed, goddess-like nose.

A little disoriented and confused by the appearance of the giant beanstalk structure, G-fish decided to take a moment and let the tears and blood stop flowing from her face. When she had calmed down a bit, G-fish became curious about the beanstalk. Naturally, she decided to climb it.

Abandoning her bag of plushies and action figures, G-fish began to climb.

Finally, after much physical exertion, G-fish reached the top of the beanstalk. As it turned out, the beanstalk took her right to one of the really swirly stars. She could practically reach out at touch it!

Amazed, G-fish put out her hand to see what stars felt like, but when she touched the star, she realized that it wasn't actually a star at all! The swirly yellow blob was just an obese lightning bug!

In any case, G-fish instantly became attached to this lightning bug and named him Xavier, after the professor in X-Men. They bore a striking resemblance in that they both lacked a head of hair. G-fish wanted to play with Xavier a bit longer, but Xavier started to fly away to join his other morbidly obese lightning-bug support group. Upset, G-fish reached out to try and grab Xavier, but she missed and started to fall...

Just then, a large gust of wind lifted up G-fish and saved her from her immanent death at the bottom of the beanstalk!

G-fish was carried by this powerful wind all the way to the moon, because in this story that is possible and it happened. I swear.

On the moon, G-fish never again had to worry about the mob of boys chasing her around. All she had to worry about was the little "no oxygen" situation, but that's another story for another time.

*I did have a bit of an influence on the creation of this work of art.


  1. This post made me laugh so hard. I love finding blogs written by people that are just as random as I am :) Starry night is definitely one of my favorite paintings, and I always thought that the "bean stalk" was a big scary castle that the village people were afraid of. :) But in elementary school, my art teacher told me that I was wrong. The scary castle was just the top of a cypress tree. I personally think Van Gogh would have liked my interpretation :)
    Here's my blog if you want to check it out:


  2. Thank you for the comment!! I don't know about you, but that does NOT look like the top of a tree. Pfft. Elementary teachers and their stunting of imagination. I completely agree that it looks like an ominous castle. Or kind of like when the evil witch in Sleeping Beauty wrapped her tower in thorns and things.

    I'll definitely take a look at your blog ;D

  3. Oh my gosh! It totally does! I never thought about it like that before :)

  4. nice story.. :) funny.. i like it. :)