Monday, December 12, 2011

B-Franklin's Ghost

So back in October, I may have possibly called one of my teachers Benjamin Franklin by accident.

Now, I know what you must be thinking right now. Benjamin Franklin is dead. This is a known fact.

You are probably also thinking that what I'm trying to tell you right now isn't actually a big deal at all and I'm just being an air-headed teenager whose brain cells clearly mark her incapable of telling the difference between an Economics teacher and Benjamin Franklin. BUT NO. You don't understand the whole story.

You see... I called him Benjamin Franklin on our school's Halloween spirit day. A few teachers had decided to dress up, so when I walked into class, for some reason I immediately concluded that he was dressed up as Benjamin Franklin and so referred to him as such. As it so happened... he was not in costume.

This face is going to become permanent pretty soon.

Basically he gave me a weird face, channeling his confusion into squinted eyes and a raised eyebrow. Of course, realizing that it was not only extremely possible, but actually extremely probable that I was a dumbass and that was simply his style, I directed my face full of shame to the floor and sat down in my seat without another word throughout the entire class.

The worst part about the situation was that upon further scrutiny, what he was wearing didn't really make him look like Benjamin Franklin at all. Like many other things, my brain had simply distorted my vision and fed my stupidity with meaningless blather. Either that, or for the brief second that I walked into class, Benjamin Franklin's ghost had given me a vision and I was to go make a shrine in his honor and start my quest to find America's hidden National Treasures. Benjamin Franklin had clearly just decided to use my teacher as a host for his spirit to rest in while he delivered my new life's purpose to me.

So yeah. What I had previously presumed to be high white socks were simply distortions of the light, and his old green jacket was just a regular green jacket. Also, the golden buckles on his shoes that I could have sworn existed when I first walked into the room seemed to magically disappear when I looked at his feet again.

Needless to say, that teacher is now my new BF.


Yeah. Just ignore the pun. It wasn't funny.


  1. blog more often! And show your art I love it

  2. hahahaha maybe your teacher secretly IS benjamin franklin!

    maybe his whole death was a conspiracy. maybe he's still alive flying kites and inventing shit!

  3. In ninth grade, I had a god-awful history teacher called Coach Bates. Suffice it to say, he didn't appreciate being called Master instead of Coach :3

  4. I bet it was a real laugh for the rest of your class! Really, it could have been worse... You could have tripped him like my friend did to one of our teachers..

  5. @hateeverything- oh daym. I bet he was the one who invented apple. Makes sense. I always thought of b frank to be the kind who likes apples.

    @anastassia- :DD

    @schooner- I would love to be called master. I'd feel like the rat in the ninja turtles. He was a boss.

    @ginger- haha as it happened nobody else heard what I said. Pretty much it was just me being my usual awkward self stewing over my idiocy in the corner. Good times... XD

  6. i died while reading this... i love the awk face