Friday, November 4, 2011


This is a post about mornings. There will be many pictures.

To be honest, getting up every morning before the sun rises can get a bit depressing. I'm sure you didn't need me to tell you that, but I did. Clearly.

Anyway, there are endless coping methods and strategies for waking up at a designated time, but usually I stick to the same routine. It has worked fairly well so far, and I highly recommend it if you are having trouble finding the right amount of zest in your current getting-ready-for-things-ritual.

Phase 1: Waking up 2 minutes before the alarm clock

This phase takes time to fully master, but once you do, it really helps keep the morning morale hoppin'. There is no sound more torturous than that of a beeping alarm clock, so if you can wake up and stop it before it penetrates your eardrum and shrivels your brain into a pile of self-pitying dust... then do it.

Phase 2: Stretching

Stretch. Let the muscles in your arms and legs unwind like the good kind of twizzler that you can peel strands off of. You know, the kind you always eat first from your halloween candy bag because they are simply superior to the other, regular twizzlers.

Phase 3: Blindly Meander Around for a Short Time

This phase can be potentially dangerous. The squinting involved with stumbling around your room "blindly" can lead to some seriously stubbed toes or collisions with a wall, but your psyche needs those few minutes of uselessness. Give yourself some time to feel like a zombie whose grave was flooded with rain. Allow the self-pity to get out of your system. Use this moment to visit the toilet, or possibly change out of your pajamas. Beat your brain to the realization that changing would take you from the ultimate warmness and comfort of plaid pants to the rough chill of a stale pair of jeans.

And yes, I do realize that I am beginning to go into much more detail than I originally intended... but it's too late now. And the pictures are coming... so hang in there.

Phase 4: The Turning Point

Up to this point your morning has been far from extraordinary. You are wondering why I have told you to walk around lifelessly and wake up two minutes before you intended. But here comes the turning point, the part that is extremely crucial to the excitement of mornings. The ipod. Get one. Buy one. Steal one. Pick it up, put on a fast-paced spanish song you don't understand, and let the magic happen.

Everything you do from this point becomes enjoyable and accompanied by uncontrollable dancing. 


There are no more phases, other than to enjoy yourself. I tried drawing a few pictures of myself dancing while doing things... but in every single one I looked like I was trying to do the YMCA with arms that are simply too short for my body.

Songs that I love waking up to:
Danza Kuduro by Don Omar
Bon Bon (We No Speak Americano) by Pitbull
Anything by LMFAO

One last word of caution for using this technique: don't ever let this happen:



  1. awesome.

    but whats wrong with a bit of mary poppins in the morning?

  2. Haha it's just a bit of pep overload. I was taken by surprise a few mornings ago by what Pandora thought I'd enjoy listening to plus a volume I forgot to turn down since my iPod's last use. Sleep deprivation + a bunch of "um diddlies" = a morning coma that can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes. I'm not quite sure how much time went by that morning... It's all just a blur.

  3. Love it hehe!

    Im your newest follow by the way. Looking forward to reading your blog.

  4. why does it have to be the spanish songs huh????? why not Arabic?!?!??!?! you're always picking on me! WHY

  5. Hahaha, Spanish songs are superior to all else in the morning. They are easiest to dance to.

    Also I'm clearly fluent in it and like to hear the meaningful lyrics. ;D

  6. LOL I love this post of yours!!!!! :3

    maybe i should try that too in the mornings when i feel like too lazy..hehe :))