Friday, November 18, 2011

We All Knew This Day Was Coming

The time has come for me to reveal my inner most obsession and throw a mini internet blog party about it. I probably should have prepared you for this day a bit better... but there's no turning back now.

I have a slight, possibly unhealthy obsession with my cats. I'm not going to lie, I scare myself a bit sometimes... but I just can't help it. They're just so gosh-darn fluffy.

I feel like sometimes there are just things that you don't reveal to people that you just met. If I'm trying to make a friend, I'm not going to start ranting and raving like a lunatic about how my cat started adorably doing things all over the house as I followed her aimlessly. I'm also not going to mention how gross my feet smell after I take my shoes off, or that I enjoy eating the sketchy-looking cooked vegetables they serve with the school lunches. They don't want to know that just yet. It's not until you know someone and they appreciate the fact that you are a bit unordinary that you can share with them your most inner oddities and fixations.

So, after all this time, I feel like I'm comfortable enough with you, my readers, to share a small portion of my madness... and the obscene amount of pictures and videos of my cats that are on my ipod. I also figure that since the internet has already been taken over by cat videos and pictures, I might as well add my own. I hope you'll still be able to love me after it has become blatantly obvious that I love my cats more than I could ever love a human being.


This is Candy. I'm pretty sure she's equally as obsessed with me as I am with cats. Candy likes to follow me around places, sleep, lick my face, chew on my homework and pencils, sleep, be held, be congratulated for finding random objects, burrow under blankets, sleep, purr, meow when I walk into a room, and make me feel bad when I don't hang around and pet her for an hour. She's pretty much the most adorable, pet-able cat on this planet who is scared of pretty much everyone else. 

She's about ten years old and fat.

Here is a video of candy being adorable and dutifully distracting me from my work:


Bamba is probably the most bipolar cat I have ever encountered. Much of the time, she doesn't like to be touched. She knocks things over in the middle of the night, she meows until we wake up at 3am, she stares angrily outside of the window, and she sits on human chairs. The other side of her personality comes out when she's tired and decides that the best place to sleep is on somebody's lap. This, of course, is adorable. She stretches out along your legs and purrs when you pet her.

Bamba is about eight years old and looks like she just escaped from an insane asylum.

Here is a video of Bamba being troublesome:

Candy and Bamba only get along when they sleep, as seen here:

Now enjoy a hodge-podge of pictures of my two beautiful cats over the ages:

Bamba as a kitten, finding the ultimate comfort in the lap of a "giant" Pooh bear. Cue the awwws.

Candy tolerating Bamba for the first time. 

Mmmmm, that's the stuff.

New camera was purchased for the sole purpose of taking higher quality cat pictures. 

Bamba hugging herself. 

...You mean I wasn't supposed to touch the string...?

Candy is always suspicious of the environment. 

Damn, I tripped the wire. 

Candy is just too cool for smiling.

More getting along while they sleep.

This is my castle. If you aren't here to bow at my feet and beg for mercy, get out. 

I don't have a problem.

If you have any funny caption ideas for these pictures, please post them in the comments. <3


  1. :D aww! They're so cute!! It makes me miss my kitty, Megan.

  2. Pic 7 "The Hell?!" in a ghetto-tone.

  3. have your cats ever made any attempt to bite you, goldfish?