Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mario: The Poem

 Because I have no life.                                    

                                             I’m going on an adventu             re. There will
                                             be dangers and challeng             eges along the
                                     way. I am prepared to do anything to accom plish my
                                     goals, for the one I love is threatened. I must protect
                                     my darling, sa ve her fro m th e b           easts of this w
                                     orld who are  determin  ed to kee           p us apart. De
                           ar G  od,  help me through this quest.  How many times mor  
                           e mu st I  kill  the relentless ene  mies, never allowed a brea  
                           k? Li  fe i   s unfair t  o so many other s. Who am I to c ompl
                           ain i n a w orld so f  ull of heartache ? D o I really have a righ
                           t to whin e when I have been blessed with outsta ndin
                           g friends hips, a successful love life, and a steady  sour
                                             ce of income? No. I have no right.. .and yet.
                                             I seem to have drawn the short en d of the
                  stick somewhere al ong  the line. The fates h ave brou            ught i
                  t upon themselves to c ast me into a life of hardship a           nd pai
n.  It seems some may envy my accomplish ments. There  are a                 lways tho
se ignora nt enough to desire these c  halle nges. Take th em, I                 say. Go a
head. Not onc e have I seen anyon e actually step for ward . A bunch of phonie
s they are. No . These challenges I overcome on my o wn. I’ ve come to terms w
         ith t                   hat predicament ag es a  go. Right here, right now , I’d just l
         ike                     to pre pare myself for this next mission. To far off lands I w
                  ill ventur e. To unknown territory I shall explore. The going may be di
                  fficult. B ut I swear to the heavens that as long as I can brea the and a
         s long as I can fight I will continue. There  
         is too much at stake. I will never give up
         this fight
         for love…  

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