Thursday, July 4, 2013

88th Post!

As I started this post I believed it to be number 100. I got excited. Under further examination it turns out that I have written 100 posts including all of the horrendous and uncompleted drafts. Soooo this is the 88th post. I say we celebrate anyway.

Exclamation points are in order.

Good, good.

Uhm, let's see. A few life updates are in order, I guess. Why not.

First off, it's summer.

I'm so good at listing what season it currently is.

I'd like to say that summer has been a roller coaster of events, but it's been more like a merry-go-round. For some reason I'm stuck on the stupid chariot that doesn't even move up and down.

It's mildly enjoyable, relaxing, thrill-inducing in a "who the hell is driving this thing??" sort of way, seemingly never ending, and every second just blurs together into a giant spinning mess of memory. 

 Here's a list of stuff that happened at some point this summer. You know how much I love lists:

-Watched ALL the seasons of Arrested Development
-Went to Israel
-Watched a season of American Horror Story and cried myself to sleep
-Watched three seasons of the Walking Dead and cried myself to sleep
-Went to Boston/Montreal
-Visited a museum because I'm cultural and shit
-Bought way too many black lights and came to terms with my purchasing decision
-Tried to quit Facebook and failed within the hour, then cried myself to sleep 
-Watched the first season of Mad Men
-Beat Sonic Adventure Battle 2, realized it was actually called Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and that my entire life has been a lie, and then cried myself to sleep
-Hid from fourth of July fireworks because I'm afraid of the outside and actually hate fireworks

Another thing that I am currently in the midst of is participating in Flash Fiction Month, curtesy of my friend Matt. It's basically a month of writing a short fiction piece every day and completing a challenge every so often. Knowing my stellar track record of keeping up with writing promises... it should go swimmingly. In any case I'm going strong at 4 for 4, even if I'm not totally in love with any of them.

Here is my flash fiction page if you're interested. Some of the writing is ghastly, buuut I tried.

But yeah, I'll post things from there every so often if I like what I wrote. Everything else may rest peacefully in deviantart land.

In any case, cheers to number 88. For those of you who actually read these posts, I love you. In all seriousness, your comments and support mean the world to me and I'd have long abandoned a passion most definitely worth fighting for without you.

Happy Fourth of July <3


  1. omq this is amazing
    never stop gurl never stop

  2. Hi! Glad to hear from you :) I also love lists. How was Israel?

    I'm going to read your Flash Fiction now.


    1. It was a lot of fun, though it already seems like it was ages ago.
      Haha, proceed with caution.

  3. Well look at did a lot on your list....and a lot of crying!XD Gonna guess your house is a lovely swimming pool now....

    btw....walking dead for the win! <3

    1. Haha, I love torturing myself with scary shows. Ahhh, walking dead is amazing. Took about a season until I was desensitized of all disgusting zombie gore lol

  4. Okay, I see how summer's been going. =D Sounds good to me. I managed to watch 3 seasons of Top Model in as many days. And I'm proud. lol