Saturday, September 29, 2012


Sometimes sunglasses make me feel like I'm super hot stuff. Like I've got better things to do than make eye contact with people.

Most of the time, however, sunglasses make me feel invisible.

When I walk past people I know when wearing sunglasses, they don't seem to notice me. Sure, maybe if it only happened once or twice I'd just figure that the people I passed were zoned out or didn't see me... but it's become a consistent trend. Every time I wear sunglasses, the majority of friends that I pass completely look past my existence and keep on walking unless I use unnecessary arm flails to flag down their attention.

It's making me paranoid. What about wearing sunglasses makes me look so different? Is it the change in my appearance that creates the barrier of invisibility? Or maybe people actually can't see me. What if... and this may be a bit of a stretch... but what if putting on sunglasses really does turn me invisible?

It's possible, right?

I refuse to believe that people simply do not wave hello to me just because they see I'm wearing sunglasses, and it's just plain weird that putting on sunglasses could make me that unrecognizable. Therefore, the only other logical explanation would be that my sunglasses have the ability to eliminate me from my peers' field of vision.

Yeah, ok. Unrealistic explanation. But still, it's a weird phenomenon and I don't like it. For now I guess I'll just stick to excessive squinting in bright sunlight so as to not confuse people.


  1. I hate wearing sunglasses!
    But then again I actually do like turning invisible sometimes...not with my friends but with strangers around me...I hate crowds and so sunglasses kinda give me the "heehee I am wearing Harry Potter's invisible cloak" feeling.....great my explanation is weird and unrealistic as well lol XD

    1. Haha, I totally get what you're saying. Sometimes its fun to see people without them completely seeing you back. :3

  2. I feel as if I'm shielded from awkward encounters when I wear sunglasses. Also, ten times more awesome. BD

    1. Statistics do show that sunglasses increase cool factor by 47%. ;D