Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh... THAT Essay

Hey everyone!

Guess who has a ten page paper to write?


What? You couldn't guess it? Come on... try a little bit harder. Concentrate....


It's due Wednesday. I have yet to start. Hell, I have yet to finish the book that I'm supposed to be writing about.

I think I'm in denial. No... I KNOW I'm in denial. That's why I'm sitting here, writing a blog post despite the fact that I've horribly neglected it recently. Every time the word "essay" runs through my head, something... weird happens. My entire body shuts down. I teleport three hours into the future without any memory of ever existing in the first place. My stomach desperately craves oreos. This can't be healthy.

Anyway, I promise to post all about my interesting adventures from this past weekend (ROADTRIP FUN) on Wednesday.


  1. Oh jeez. I'm sorry. All I can do is give you a hug through the internet. =3

  2. Me again. Just wondering. Did you see the post I did about you? Like, I even drew a picture because you're that awesome. I mean, the drawing itself isn't much but you didn't like the mustache trident? (makes sad baby face)


    1. OH MY GOD. YOU ARE FANTASTIC. /arm flailing

    2. You do rock that much though. Don't know if you saw my reply so yes you can use the pictures. I won't say no to publicity.

      And can you tell us when you put up a new post on Miss Unlimited so we can read it?